To date, Mallarauco is considered one of the most privileged valleys for citrus production in the central zone and across the country, thanks to three key attributes that make it an exceptional place. First, there is the presence of the water-carrying channel along the valley that maintains a steady flow. Second, the environment generated by the mountain delivers a unique and ideal climate for producing premium citrus. Finally, the geographical location places it among the two main national consumer points-Santiago and Valparaiso (See Map), with shortcuts that allows dispatch in unparalleled times, differentiating it from the competition and maintaining excellent business relations.

In the fields of Pangalillo, state of the art technologies are applied, including automated irrigation systems, optimized collections and state of the art packing.

Production throughout the year



El Fundo la primavera, is a new project which started in 2017. This property is focused on increasing our production in the summer months.

La Primavera has state of the art technology and new varieties in which the orange M7 and lemon Eureka Seedless stand out, among others.

Pangalillo is the first estate of our company, it has the biggest surface and there is located our packing, so that it receive all fields harvests to be selected and subsequently marketed.

It has privileged geography and weather with wide range varieties of citrus and avocados.

This field is located in the western sector of the Mallarauco Valley, which gives it the ability to produce late harvest citrus, ensuring a constant production throughout the year.
It produces different varieties of lemons and oranges.

In El Pimiento are produce mostly varieties of Lemons, it is located in the north-east side of Mallarauco Valley and has a privileged orientation receiving sunlight throughout the day and frost-free.

This estate is monitored by the latest technology, with self-sufficient systems, which allows to obtain high quality products.