SINCE 1992

Pangalillo is dedicated to the production of citrus and avocados, offering a wide range of varieties to their customers, ensuring product availability throughout the year.

Pangalillo started its activities in 1992 with the acquisition of its first farm, giving the company its
name. It is located in the privileged Mallarauco Valley, in the Santiago Metropolitan Region.

Since its inception, Pangalillo has grown steadily thanks to its standards of quality, cutting edge
technologies and year round production, ensuring excellence in its equipment and personnel.

Production throughout the year


To provide our national and international customers with the highest quality products that contribute to the nutrition of a healthy population, ensuring compliance with regulations, through the application of maximum technological innovation, training of our employees and safety in the processes from beginning to end.



To become a benchmark for the agricultural industry in a sustainable manner, both in production and marketing, as well as in a space of growth and professional development for each employee of our company, thus resulting in a company of true transversal and permanent quality.



Our company has the ultimate and highest quality packing of the sector and even in national level.

We have GLOBALG.A.P certification. a set of internationally recognized standards on good agricultural, livestock and aquaculture practices. In addition, we have Lider GAP certificate, a sanitary audit that guarantees the level of compliance with good agricultural and labor practices; the infrastructure and hygiene program for the facilities and products, compliance with quality assurance plans, transport and cold chain, labeling and aspects of agricultural sustainability.



To date, Mallarauco is considered one of the most privileged valleys for citrus production in the central zone and across the country, thanks to three key attributes that make it an exceptional place.

First, there is the presence of the water-carrying channel along the valley that maintains a steady flow. Second, the environment generated by the mountain delivers a unique and ideal climate for producing premium citrus. Finally, the geographical location places it among the two main national consumer points-Santiago and Valparaiso (See Map), with shortcuts that allows dispatch in unparalleled times, differentiating it from the competition and maintaining excellent business relations.


One of the pillars of our company is the awareness and care for the environment, so we have preservation policies of native flora and soil, making good use of natural resources and contributing to the future of new generations.